Top 4 Best Retro Games Consoles Of 2023

Retro Games Consoles

It’s fair to say that I’ve played on a lot of consoles thanks to my years working in the gaming industry, my 1990s birth year, and my exploration of hundreds of the world’s best retro handhelds, but having to list the best retro games consoles one by one was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to produce for Retro Dodo.

Although it includes “vintage” game systems, I always aim to highlight current consoles and handhelds that can fully emulate your retro games. In this list, I’ll take you through a personal time capsule of my own favorites.

First off, finding functional vintage systems may be quite difficult and pricey since, let’s face it, not many of us can afford to spend more than $150 on a SNES.

Second, not only are consoles pricey but so are the games! Retro games continue to be in high demand, not only because there is a greater-than-ever need for them, but also because many of them are being utilized as display pieces for collections and being sold for profit.

And lastly, instead of these big corporate businesses eliminating games from our libraries and then shoving new remakes down our throats for profit, we can contribute to the preservation of video games by investigating innovative technology that makes playing old games inexpensive and available to the world.

In order to let you discover the world of emulation without blowing your cash, I’ve included some of my personal favorites from the last 50 years as well as information on some current systems.
SEGA Mega Drive, first

Given that I am from the UK and that the Mega Drive was my first home console, you may be asking why I listed it instead of the Genesis (I was a SEGA kid growing up).

The SEGA Mega Drive, which competed directly with Nintendo’s SNES at the time, sold over 45 million copies worldwide (including the Genesis).

Incredible Mega Drive titles from SEGA included well-known titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Earthworm Jim, and Ecco the Dolphin. It was considerably more pleasant for gamers to play on since its controllers were much chunkier than those of its rivals.

Even though SEGA no longer has gaming consoles or arcades, they are still clinging to the video game sector, particularly with Sonic the Hedgehog and the production of its movies.

But what’s the current market price of a Mega Drive? $150 or more, and that’s without games! I know it’s expensive, but SEGA fans must experience the finest SEGA Mega Drive games in their original settings.

In 2019, they also released a SEGA Mega Drive Mini and a SEGA Genesis Mini, which might be a more affordable option for people seeking a genuine experience. 2RG351V

What’s that, huh? I hear you asking. I’d like to present you to the RG351V, a portable emulator created to simulate how the contemporary Gameboy would feel if it were real.

The RG351V was created by ANBERNIC, a Chinese firm well known for creating powerful portable emulators. In fact, the RG351V can run games from all systems, up to and including the top Playstation 1 titles.

It includes a built-in 1.5GHz quad-core CPU and a straightforward user interface that comes pre-loaded with a tonne of your favorite childhood classic games.

It has an analog stick, four shoulder buttons, a sharp 3.5-inch IPS screen, and enough capacity to save your games while you’re on the road.

You might be unfamiliar with handheld emulators, but they have gained enormous popularity recently for good reason. These handhelds make it simple to access classic games at an inexpensive price, even though it may seem like the “wrong” way to play them. The “right” method to play old games is growing more and more expensive by the day.

You can even install the finest Pokemon fan games (through ROMs) if that’s your thing. You can even load up your own ROMs from games you already own. This is one of my personal favorite “vertical” portable emulators, and it costs less than $100. The possibilities are unlimited.
3. System for Nintendo Entertainment
Without the Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the best-selling retro consoles ever (including the Famicom), this list of the finest retro gaming systems would not be complete. It featured some of the most well-known video game characters in the world.

After the 1983 video game crash, the NES elevated gaming to a whole new level. Using the controls from the iconic Game & Watch, it included cartridge collecting and two controller ports that enabled multiplayer gameplay. This helped shift gaming for many years into a couch co-op setting.

According to many, this platform propelled Nintendo into greater prominence, eventually competing with SEGA and Microsoft while giving Nintendo fans amazing family home consoles.

But the NES’s large selection of video games was what really set it apart. ranging from puzzle games to platformers to games that transported you into space. Even while we may think the visuals are poor today, everyone thought they were revolutionary back then, and the finest NES games played a part in it.

Because so many gamers adored it, Nintendo produced the NES Classic Edition in 2016 so that people who had never played it could do so on HD TVs.

The Nintendo 64 was one of the most well-liked home systems Nintendo has ever produced. It was released in 1996 and has since sold over 33,000,000 copies globally.

With four controller connections, an amazing game library, and “next-gen” visuals that totally captivated players as soon as they touched the peculiarly built gamepad, the Nintendo 64 raised the bar for couch gaming.

Many gamers still adore the Nintendo 64 because it prioritised multiplayer and conjures up pleasant memories of playing with friends and family.

Many of the top N64 titles continue to win accolades years later; Mario Kart 64, for instance, was named one of the all-time great racing games. The platform also gave players amazing opportunities to interact with beloved Nintendo characters like Donkey Kong, Kirby, and more.

The Nintendo 64 was one of the most influential gaming systems of all time, if I may say so. It influenced narrative-driven games and demonstrated the global appeal of multiplayer games, thus it had to be included on this list of the finest retro gaming consoles.