The World’s Best New Zombie Game: A Survival Guide

The World's Best New Zombie Game: A Survival Guide

The World’s Best New Zombie Game: A Survival Guide. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been itching for the next great zombie game. While there have been plenty of great games in the genre over the years, many have followed a similar formula: Survive as long as possible while stockpiling resources and crafting weapons to fend off increasingly ruthless zombie hordes.

Thankfully, there are more innovators than copycats in video games; game designers recognize that there’s more to it than just running and hiding from brain-craving zombies. And with the hundreds of new titles being released every year, ranging from indie PC releases to AAA console games, we’re assured that there will always be something new to sink our teeth into. Here are some of the best new zombie games that have come out in recent months.

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Dead Horde: A zombie survival game

If you’ve been craving a survival game where you’re constantly running short on resources and finding yourself in desperate situations, a zombie survival game is a great fit. Dead Horde is one such game featuring a procedurally generated world where you’re constantly fighting for survival. There’s no easy way to explain the game’s premise, so we’ll let the video above do the talking.

It features an early-access build of the game, so there are still some bugs and issues with the gameplay, but it’s a great case study on what makes a great zombie survival game. The game’s core gameplay revolves around resource management and surviving in an increasingly hostile world where zombies are attracted by sound. You’ll have to gather resources like food and water, craft items like shelters and weapons, and build a digital fortress to protect yourself from the plague-like zombies that roam the world.

Dead State

Dead State is a classic example of what happens when a talented team is given a great idea and the funding to make it a reality. Fortunately, the idea is so brilliant that even a short interview in the Kickstarter video is enough to convince the world to part with their money.

The game sees you awakening after a nuclear apocalypse as you struggle to understand what’s happened and how you survived. As you try to figure out what the hell is going on, you’ll explore the ruins of a city that’s been deserted for years. It’s a game that asks some interesting questions about humanity’s place in the universe and how we might react if we were suddenly thrust into a post-apocalyptic world.


One of the most popular games on Steam is also up there as one of the best new zombie games. Like Dead State, DayZ is another game that sees you waking up from a long sleep in a world where everything you know is gone. In this case, you’ll have to fight against a horde of the living dead to survive.

It’s a classic example of a game that’s been around for some time in the form of a mod for Arma II and then a standalone release for Arma II’s successor, Arma III. And yet, it still manages to hold a certain place in the hearts of gamers. Why? It’s one of the most realistic games, and it’s so dependent on human interaction that you can’t just run and hide from the zombies. To survive, you’ll have to hunt, cook, repair equipment, and band together with other players.

The Surge

Another game that’s a little old school but remains popular is Dark Souls-like The Surge. But even though it’s a game that’s been around for some time, it has many elements of a modern zombie game. It’s about fighting for survival in a hostile world filled with zombies and government agents trying to hunt you down.

The game is about creating your character from various parts, each with its perks and drawbacks. Once you’ve crafted your hero, you’ll have to get out into the world and explore, finding supplies to build weapons and gear and fight off the undead. The Surge is one of the few games that’s a great fit for both PC and console players, so it’s a great example of an older game being adapted for modern gaming consoles.

Zombicide: Black Edition

This bestselling game has seen several editions over the years, but each is a great example of what makes a good zombie game. You and a team of survivors travel through the country battling hordes of zombies. As you traverse the countryside, you’ll have to find resources, build defenses, and protect your team.

It’s a great game for fans of the tabletop game, as it’s very easy to pick up and play solo or with a team. You can battle the undead in various scenarios, including scenarios where you have to investigate a mysterious plot or defend a city against a zombie invasion. The game also comes with many expansions, so if you feel like there needs to be more zombies, you can always head to the store and pick up some more.

State of Decay 2

This popular Xbox One game has already been ported to Xbox One X, and it makes an even better candidate for the list of best new zombie games. It’s one of the few zombie games in the modern world, and it sees you building your defenses against a group of zombies.

The game also features several DayZ-like features, including a day/night cycle, so you must adjust your strategy accordingly during the day. The game also features some destructible environments, so if the zombies break through your defenses, you can use your tools to try and destroy their path. It’s a great post-apocalyptic game and one of the best new zombie games.

Killing Floor Inc. (KF)

This popular first-person shooter, which pits you against hordes of zombies, is a great example of an older game being adapted for modern consoles. It sees you battling against a group of very aggressive zombies, and it has a unique twist: you have to survive long enough to be rewarded with credits and cash for defeating the zombies. It’s a great game for those looking for a zombie game that rewards you for surviving, and it has many single-player and multiplayer maps so that you can play in various settings.