Steering Wheel With PS4-Top 5 Features 

Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel With PS4- If you’ve played any of the Forza Motorsport series, then you know that a steering wheel adds so much more to the experience than just being able to look around. Not only is it essential for racing games, but it also can bring in other games. With that being said, most racing games on the market now do not have a wheel support option…unless you are willing to purchase an add-on piece separately. Luckily, we have heard your cries and are happy to report that Microsoft has finally added support for wheels within their Xbox One gaming console in version 1802. With this latest update, players can connect their wheels directly to their console instead of relying on an external device like before. Below we will go over the top 5 features of this new update with a detailed explanation of what they entail.

Steering Wheel Support: What You Need to Know About Xbox One 

For those unfamiliar with the Xbox One, it uses a standard USB input port to enable the use of accessories like steering wheels and pedals. This allows you to have a more authentic racing experience with the addition of a better grip and control. With the latest update, these controllers will be recognized as a steering wheel, allowing you to connect them straight to your Xbox One console. Now, let’s take a deeper look at this update’s features. Xbox One wheel now allows for the use of wheels, which is beneficial for racing games that were not initially designed for a wheel. With this update, you can now connect your wheel to your console, turning it into a more authentic racing experience.

Game and controller interface

The Xbox One with Steering Wheel now allows for the use of steering wheels, with support for up to four devices at once. You can connect up to four devices simultaneously for a more immersive experience. The interface within the Xbox One with Wheel now allows you to see all connected devices’ buttons and input ports. This means you can easily see which buttons you need to press while playing. The interface also displays the driver’s name, time, position, and other stats.

vibration feedback and force feedback controls

With the Xbox One with Steering Wheel update, you can experience vibrations when using the vibration function on your steering wheel. Some racing wheels have native vibration functions, while others have to be added manually, but both work great and are an excellent addition to any racing game. The force feedback controls now work as you would expect them to, with the amount of force you feel from the wheel being how much you should be pressing the analog stick on your controller.

Simulations menu

Many racers prefer to use a simulation, as it’s a great way to test out your car without the risk of crashing. The new Xbox One with Steering Wheel update allows for qualifying, practice, and race simulations, making it much more accessible to advanced racers. Simulations were not supported in earlier Xbox One Updates, which meant that you couldn’t use them with a wheel. Now that they have been added, you can use them in games like Forza Motorsport 6, Project CARS 2, and F1 2016.

Start-Up Settings Menu

The Xbox One with Steering Wheel update now allows for vibration and force feedback, which means you can change both sensitivities to your liking. This is an essential option as you will want to ensure that the wheel you are using is not too sensitive or too “light”.

Xbox dashboard

The Xbox dashboard has been updated with a new look, which includes a new contrast feature that allows you to adjust the contrast of the background. The unique contrast feature is meant to help make certain elements stand out more, such as your favourite game or app icons. It’s also possible to adjust the contrast of your background and text colour, giving you control over how much of your screen you want to see in white or black. This new feature is only featured in the Xbox One version of the dashboard and not on the Windows 10 version.

Xbox One with Steering Wheel update has been compatible with Wheel Hubs for PC so that you can use your Xbox One controller with a PC/laptop and have support for various games like Forza Motorsport 6 and Project CARS 2. Using the Xbox One control app, you can also use multiple steering wheels simultaneously. This will allow you to use both at the same time without having to purchase a second controller.

Xbox One X has been updated with 4K video support and HDR support for video and audio content. The Xbox One X supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG. The console can also support up to 4096×2160 resolution when playing certain games at a 4K. The Xbox One X can stream 4K video from apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime.

Amazon Fire TV has been updated with a new look that includes an all-new layout that makes navigating and finding the content you want easier. You can also now browse and purchase apps directly from the home screen. Using the Alexa integration feature, you can also search for movies using voice commands or with your remote. The Amazon Fire TV can also play audio content through Bluetooth speakers or headphones using the Bluetooth headphone jack on your TV’s remote control unit.


For years, Xbox fans have been asking for a way to use a steering wheel with their console, and now that the feature is finally here, it’s worth taking the extra step to set up the most authentic racing experience possible. With the latest Xbox One update, you can now use a wheel with your console and experience racing games with a much more full-featured controller. Pairing a wheel with your Xbox One is a great way to get into racing games with a full-sized controller, and now you can do it even more efficiently. For more games like this  visit our website