Everything We Know About Nintendo’s New Mario Game, “Mario Maker”

Everything We Know About Nintendo's New Mario Game, "Mario Maker"

Everything We Know About Nintendo’s New Mario Game, “Mario Maker”. The video game industry is always changing, and the next generation of consoles, with their new features and functionalities, are likely to bring more change than ever. According to a recently published report, Nintendo might be working on a new Mario game for its upcoming console, dubbed the “Nintendo Switch.” The news comes from Game Informer, which has been hearing rumors about this for some time now.

The publication claims that Nintendo explores different uses for the machine’s hardware and how various games can take advantage of it. According to its source, one idea Nintendo is currently exploring involves a new console title built around the company’s popular mascot Mario. This new project could be a Mario-themed sequel, or it could also be an original IP based on the Character. With all of these things in mind, here’s what we know about this as-yet-unnamed “Mario” game.

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The Game Will Be Built Around Mario

The report says that Nintendo is working on a new title centered around the company’s most recognizable character, Mario. According to the same source, the game will be built around the platformer’s worlds, characters, and gameplay. This means that the Mario game could be a traditional 2D platformer or a more modern-day spin-off. Either way, Nintendo keeps the blue plumber’s name very close to its chest. The company could also be working on a Mario sports title, with golf being one possibility that’s been brought up. We don’t know how many new Mario games could be in the works for the Switch, so we’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo has in store.

It’ll Be Named “Mario Maker”

When word first leaked about the Mario project, it was said to be called “Mario Maker.” However, as of now, Game Informer has changed the name to “Mario Maker.” This might be due to trademark issues or the fact that Nintendo still needs to share the game’s official title. One can only assume that the game will be based on the same concept as Super Mario Bros. 3’s World Builder, in which players can design their levels and share them online.

The rumored game is said to be a sequel to the Super Mario Maker game released for the Wii U and 3DS in 2015. The title will reportedly be developed by Nintendo EAD, the company’s internal studios, with assistance from external development partners. According to Game Informer, Nintendo may have multiple projects in development for its new game console. The publication also claims that Nintendo has been working on a new Metroid game for the Switch and a Star Fox title. This could be another case of the company working towards launching more than one big title at once rather than creating one big blockbuster project instead of multiple smaller ones.

It’s Already in Development

This report says that the Mario game is in development, suggesting it could be a hardware launch title for the Nintendo Switch. However, the publication says it needs to be clarified if the game has officially started developing. It also needs to be clarified if the project has been a long-term one or a more recent initiative by Nintendo. Nintendo tends to create one-off games, like Super Mario Run and Mario vs. Rabbids, but the company will still produce a Mario game that continues the series’ legacy.

We Don’t Know the Title Yet

With all this information about the game, it’s also hard to say what its official title and marketing name would be. The company could continue to call it “Mario Maker,” or it could go with a more mainstream name, like “Mario.” With that said, the publication believes the game will be released under the latter’s name. Nintendo could change the name once the game is launched, or it could wait to see how consumers respond to the game’s name.

There Will be More than One playable Character.

The same source says that more playable characters are being considered, and they could come from other Mario games. This would be a fun way to throw in several characters that are new to Mario’s universe and would be easy to fit into the Super Mario universe. Some of these characters could be pulled from the upcoming Super Mario Switch game. It’s also possible that Nintendo could include characters that aren’t Mario-related, like Link or Samus Aran. There are a lot of possibilities here. It will be interesting to see which characters end up in the final game.

Mario’s Levels Will Be a Big Part of the Game

It’s safe to assume that the Mario game will center around the playable levels that can be created for the game. These levels could be free to try before buying like Super Mario Run is. This way, every player can have a chance to see how creative they can get with the game’s tools. Of course, professional designers will have an advantage, but it’s still an interesting way to allow every player to have some fun. Equally interesting is the idea of sharing stages online. This way, friends can easily challenge one another and make their stages. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

Overall, Nintendo Is Looking for New Ways to Use Hardware Features in Games

Nintendo has been known for its unique gameplay mechanics, which could be seen in a new Mario game for the Nintendo Switch. According to the report, the company is looking for new ways to use the console’s hardware features in games. This could mean the company is looking to make games with Nintendo’s popular Mario characters. This is also seen in the company’s new approach to mobile gaming, as Nintendo has created games for iOS and Android devices. The company is looking to create games for the Nintendo Switch, which would be a smart move.


It’s hard to say if this game will come out or not. Although it will be cool if it does, the only thing we do know for sure is that Nintendo has so many new things to come out. What is sure is that the Switch will be a huge hit, and Mario will be a big part of that success.