20 Indoor Games to Play to keep Kids Entertained

20 Indoor Games to Play to keep Kids Entertained

No one has any fun when they can’t go outside and play because of the weather. There is a need for indoor activities for children to play when there is inclement weather and school is cancelled. What’s more, it portends more leisure time at home. These kinds of outings are great for bonding with the little ones in your life.

Here are 20 indoor games that kids will love.

Children’s indoor activities

A nice game is the best way to bond as a family. When the weather is bad or you just want to spend some time inside with the kids, try some of these games.

Some great indoor activities that will keep the kids entertained and laughing for hours are provided. These stimulating pursuits, carried out under adult supervision, will take care of the development of both large and small muscle groups.

Children’s list of recommended indoor activities

Just walk the line

Improve your kid’s coordination and balance with this fun activity. Simply lay out some colourful tape and have your kid walk on it.

Optional twist: have the kid jump on the line using just one foot, or switch feet halfway through (first left, then right). Make it curvy instead of straight to provide some more challenge.

Amazing Learning Toys

wonderLearn offers a wide selection of engaging educational toys that both you and your kid may use to foster creative thinking. Let’s see if you can do it now.

Moreover, you may access even more materials by using the free wonderLearn app on your device.

To identify the noise, guess

Gather a few things from around the home, such a gamepad, keyboard, keys, remote control, some toys, etc. I recommend having the kid make a mental note of the different noises they make. Put a blindfold on your kid and play a guessing game to see if they can identify the source of the noise.

Competition Featuring Difficult Obstacles
To make an indoor obstacle course for your kid, just move some furniture around. The baby is free to explore the area beneath the table, around the chair, on the mat, and so on.

Make up a tale

Instruct the kids to make up a tale based on a set of clue words you’ve provided.


Do you still fondly remember your younger years? Recount the experiences with your kid. Simply write some phrases on individual pieces of paper and give your youngster the opportunity to sketch his or her interpretation of the words.

Bear down and hibernate

The kids are extremely into this game. Simply transform an unused space into a snug nook. Have your youngster act out a hibernation as an animal using blankets, sheets, and boxes.

To Freeze and Dance

A child’s inner dancer may be unleashed during a game of dance or freeze that can be played year-round. Put on some upbeat music and go down. When the music stops, the kid needs to “freeze” where he or she is. Playing this game with your kid is a lot of fun, and it’s open to you, too.

Scavenger Hunt

There must be some excitement in your future. Hide a little gift or treat and then make a map showing your youngster how to find it. Put together a set of hints that lead you to the “prize.”

Recalling Phrases

Request that your youngster wait five minutes in front of your vanity. You must not expose the game’s premise just yet. Then, thereafter, have the person name or write down five to seven things they noticed.

Bag for Senses

Gather a number of tiny items, such as a toy, keys, spoon, tube, crayon, brush, and so on, and place them in a small bag. Next, the kid needs to reach inside the sack with one hand and get something out of there without looking. The next step is for him or her to identify the item by touch and give it a name.

An At-Home Barbecue

Put on your shades and get your mat, picnic basket, food, and drinks. Set up some seats in a nook or out on the balcony, and have a picnic!

Parachute Jump

Two people can hold the corners of a huge bedsheet. Raise the arms upward and bring them down in unison. Put the kid beneath the bed and have him or her pretend to jump out of a parachute!

In Praise of My Favorite Paper Pal

In this situation, a big, thick sheet of paper like butcher paper is what you need. Two or three smaller sheets may be taped together to produce a much bigger one. To begin, have your kid lay down on the paper. Using this method, you may easily draw your kid’s body. When it’s finished, just slice it up and offer it to your kid. Her/his paper pal may be coloured and decorated whatever she/he likes.


Act as though you were writing letters to your kid and having him or her do the same. To show how much you care about a buddy, you may make handmade postcards and fill them with anything you choose to say or draw. Making a little mailbox out of a cardboard box is another option.

Puppets controlled by a human hand.

Put on an old sock as a glove on one hand. Afterwards, attach the facial features (the googly eyes and the lips) and any other extras (the yarn for the hair, for example). Voila! Have fun with your very own personalised hand puppet.

Coin-operated towers

Give your kid as much coins as possible so they may construct the tallest tower possible. It might be a huge structure of any kind.

Allow the youngster to construct buildings of varying heights for various coin values. Sorting is involved, and the youngster might also learn about money.

When the Bubble Finally Broke

Here’s a good use for all that bubble wrap you’ve been saving up from deliveries: cushioning fragile items. Let your youngster hop/jump on the sheets and pop the bubbles by taping them into a labyrinth.

Develop a link

This game also calls for a huge piece of paper, like butcher paper. You should lay the sheet out on the ground. Ask your youngster to draw lines between the various squares and circles that you’ve drawn at a distance.

You may switch things up by using letters or numbers instead of shapes.

Web of Spiders

You’ll need some yarn and some solid furniture for this game. To do this, just “weave” the yarn between the legs of the separated furniture. Allow your youngster to cautiously navigate the web without stumbling or falling after it has been set up.

Variation: Have the youngster catch imaginary bugs or sweets hidden between the threads.

There are times when the weather is too bad for kids to play outdoors, and that’s when their parents start looking for fun indoor activities for kids to play. These games are perfect for long car rides or any time you need to pry your kids away from their electronic devices. Activities like indoor bowling, “follow the leader,” and “obstacle courses” are among the all-time favourites.